Change Log - Updates


Fair few new features, QOL improvements. Here's what we added:

  • Basic linking - put a single URL in and no matter where the visitor is from, it'll take them there.
  • 404 Page for public links
  • Password reset - if you forget your password you can now use our secure reset form to recover your account!


Minor tweaks, QOL improvements. Here's what we added:

  • Date picker on Analytics home page to see more/less data than just the lat 30 days.
  • Per link analytics - see analytics for each link.
  • Improved speed of home page loading.


This was a pretty major overhaul. We had a little over an hour of downtime. Here's what we added:

  • Analytics home page, with clicks per day graph and a whole load more info.
  • General linking - put any full URL in the country boxes and we will serve the right link to the user for their location. Very versatile!
  • Sorting link list by newest, alphabetical or by clicks.
  • Amazon linking improvement - you can now paste the full Amazon URL in the box, or the ASIN on its own, and we will handle the rest.
  • A whole load of minor fixes, validation changes and more.


Gen 1. Core functionality only, just Amazon linking.

  • Amazon localised links
  • Saved affiliate tags
  • Searchable link list


Imminent changes

  • Password reset functionality
  • Improved backend to reduce likelyhood of errors & bugs.
  • Basic linking - a single URL redirect, with the usual tracking data.
  • Rewrite link builder site for more reliability & continuity.

Mid to Long Term Goals

  • Smart redirecting - if a visitor is from Belgium, they should be taken to, not your fallback country, for example.- Amazon stock checking - check the health and stock levels of the items you link to from our dashboard.
  • Smart link creation - paste one link and we will search Amazon to find the rest.
  • Store/list pages - got a list of products you want to link to with a single link? This will help.