Case Study - Chris, TotallyDubbedHD

110% Revenue Increase

Chris Minasians, also known as TotallyDubbedHD on YouTube, has been a customer of Locally from the start. He makes tech videos, mostly focusing on PC Monitors, and uses Amazon Affiliate Links to earn revenue from his content, and the sales he affects. When he signed up to Locally, he went through his massive back catalogue of content and created new Locally Links for his most popular videos. Thanks to this, and his ability to serve more regions through a single link, he has seen a 110% increase in Amazon Associates revenue per month.

Better Interaction, Analytics and Cleaner Descriptions

Locally isn’t just about making more money – although it certainly helps! There are a number of other benefits to using a geo-located short linking service, including cleaning up your video descriptions box. Instead of needing 2, 3 or more links per product, and making the viewer work out which one to click, with a single Locally Link, you eliminate the clutter and make it easier for your viewers to click through improving your click through rate, and making it easier for your viewers to find what they are looking for.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Chris was kind enough to explain his thoughts on Locally, please have a read:

I’ve been on YouTube since 2007 and have used a multitude of different tools to help me create better, more informative videos. Locally has not only provided me with more concise, easy-to-read descriptions, but has also made me to reach a wider audience. By using one link that automatically directs viewers to their localised Amazon store, it’s allowed me to connect with my viewers like never before.

Aside from providing the aforementioned benefits, Locally has also increased click-through rates. Furthermore, it’s allowed me to track which products people are clicking on; this can from a category to a specific product – by using the built-in Locally analysis tools, it’s allowed me to optimise my content and helped me grow even further. Ultimately, it’s allowed me to understand my audience better and their tendencies.

For all those concerned about the legality of the platform: Amazon’s only requirement is that you don’t mask or indeed point people to an affiliate link without notifying them beforehand. As such, in over 400 videos which now have a Locally link on my YouTube channels: TotallydubbedHD, Totallydubbed and Totallydubbed2, I have a disclosure and text to indicate what happens when a Locally link is pressed.

Finally, in comparison to Locally’s competitors, the platform is scalable, far cheaper, extremely responsive and is built by individuals who care about you – they’re not a massive business or have sales people who are trying to get more money off you; it’s refreshing to see a platform that wants you to do better and in-turn provides you with more tools to help you grow as an individual or as a business.`

Truthfully, in my years of using different platforms, Locally is the one that I’d actively recommend to friends and family, fellow content creators, business owners and publications. It’s a game changer and has already proved to be one of the best tools I’ve ever used.


First, please check out Chris’ channel, and his new Electric Vehicle reviews site, TotallyEV.

If Locally sounds like something you’d be interested in, head to and hit sign up. It’s only £2/month + usage over 5,000 clicks, and works for not only Amazon, but any URL you want too, so if a product isn’t sold on Amazon in a certain region, but you are an affiliate for someone else there, you can use our General Links feature and get more revenue and better click through rates!